About the Course

Participants will Learn :

  • Triage process including various categories and its importance in the Emergency Department
  • Various parameters and physiological assessment needed in Triage
  • Two Step Triage for Covid19 Pandemic- modified triage for emergency department

Salient Features of Courses

Emergency Department (ED) is the commonest access point for any of the hospital, therefore, overcrowding is a regular issue in the ED.

COVID19 pandemic has brought another threat due to overcrowding that is, if a single undetected patient with COVID-19 entered into ED, then it can cause mass catastrophe by compromising the care of routine (Non-COVID-19) patients and exposed them to a higher risk of COVID19 infection along with the healthcare professionals.

The current ED triage system is unable to segregate these kinds of contagious pandemic infections. With a huge patient burden infected with COVID-19 has generated the need for a better triaging system.

Therefore, the Two-Step Triage system now consists of

  • Pre-triage (Step 1)
  • Triage (Step 2)

This new two-step Triage system will facilitate the appropriate triaging at the time of infectious pandemics and save the patients and healthcare professionals from the accidental exposure of contagious infections such as COVID19.

ELIGIBILITY Health Professionals working in Emergency Department of any Healthcare setting
CREDIT Certification of Completion
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