“WHO Collaborating Centre for Emergency and Trauma Care” The Emergency Department of the JPN Apex Trauma Center, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi (India) is designated as WHO Collaborating Centre for Emergency & Trauma Care, South-East Asian Region (SEAR).


To strengthen and integrate Emergency & Trauma Care Services at all levels/facilities at sub-national, national and regional level to reduce the avoidable mortality, morbidities and disabilities burden.


To provide comprehensive mentorship to achieve standardize Emergency & Trauma Care at all levels/facilities of sub-national, national and regions.

Terms of Reference

To support WHO strategies to strengthen emergency & trauma care

To collaborate with public health research to improve emergency & trauma care

To collaborate to develop strategies & technologies to improve emergency & trauma care

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 3.6 Halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic injuries Post-crash emergency care

SDG 3.9 Emergency care is an essential component of universal healthcare