Who We Are ?

The Department of Emergency of the JPN Apex Trauma Center, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi (India) is designated as WHO Collaborating Centre for Emergency & Trauma Care, South-East Asian Region (SEAR).

Drawing on diverse experts from the fields of emergency medicine, nursing, surgery and global health, this team is optimally positioned to support WHO’s efforts in emergency and trauma care.

What We Do ?

  • Strengthening and integrating emergency and trauma care in the primary health care system.
  • Strengthening of the policies and public advocacy across levels – organizational, sub-national, national, regional and global.
  • Strengthening emergency and trauma care at SEAR level
  • to create awareness about cost-effective technologies that strengthen emergency and trauma care in primary care setting.
  • Capacity building, both at the national and state-level, especially in strengthening emergency and trauma care in primary health care settings.

Mission And Vision

Your Content Goes HereTo develop integrated, comprehensive, robust emergency care services to deliver quality care within the golden hour at every
level to all the victims and patients

To strengthen and integrate Emergency & Trauma Care Services at all levels/facilities at sub-national, national and regional level to reduce the avoidable mortality, morbidities and disabilities burden.


“Our work has been truly transformational. Right from inception, we aimed at strengthening and integrating emergency and trauma care across the continuum of care from primary health care system to secondary, starting from health and wellness centers up to district hospital, including referrals to tertiary care centers.”

– Dr. Sanjeev Bhoi

Department of Emergency Medicine,
Head- WHO Collaborating Centre For Emergency & Trauma Care ,SEAR

“Our centre is dedicated to strengthening the emergency care systems that serve as the first point of contact with the health system for so much of the world, and to supporting the development of quality, timely emergency care accessible to all“.



– Dr. Tej Prakash Sinha

Assistant Professor,
Department of Emergency Medicine,