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    Printable backgammon rules pdf
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    BASIC RULES OF BACKGAMMON. Each player starts out in a set position with 15 checkers. Diagram 1: The object of the game is to move your checkers around the
    filexlib. What are the basic rules of backgammon? The objective of the game is to move all of one’s own checkers to the home board and then remove (bear off) the pieces from the board entirely . The players move their checkers in opposing direction following a horseshoe path as illustrated.
    The object of Backgammon is to be the first player to remove all your men from your inner table. This is called “Bearing Off.”.
    The doubling cube is a great source of excitement in backgammon and its use will be explained later in this section. Setting Up. A backgammon board has 24
    Be the first player to move all of your playing pieces to your home board, and bear them off. SETUP. Each player takes 15 playing pieces of the same color.
    Each player has his turn to play against the others. ADDITIONAL RULES. 1. The game may be played with either: (a) Two dice boxes and two
    The first player to bear off all fifteen checkers wins the game. Doubling. Backgammon is played for an agreed stake per point. Each game starts at one point.
    Why is the 5 point so important in backgammon? Taking control of your own 5-point is vital in establishing two consecutive inner board points and robbing your opponent immediately of an advanced anchor or a safe advanced re-entry off the bar .
    Do you have to roll the exact number to bear off in backgammon? To bear off one man, you need the exact dice to just remove it . This means that to bear off a man on the 3 point, you need to roll a 3. The farthest men can always bear-off, even if the dice is greater than the checker position. In the position below, if white rolls a 6, it can bear off the checker from the 5 point.
    Backgammon Rules. (Save rules as PDF). The board. Players start the board game with 15 men each, as shown in Figure 1 (Men are sometimes also called
    This is a concise set of backgammon rules that fit on a single page. A PDF version of the rules is available for download.
    This is a concise set of backgammon rules that fit on a single page. A PDF version of the rules is available for download.
    After many year, the rules for backgammon have been altared and changed throught the centuries. Read about the current backgammon rules here. BACKGAMMON – RULES. A resource for travellers from deanstarnes.com and Roam: the Art of Travel. To download this PDF either right click (Windows) or

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