Sustainable comprehensive change in a system can be achieved by empowering the community with awareness. Campaigns, dissemination of informative content and community engagement activities have a vital role in this.

Our Centre strongly believes that an informed and an empowered community can ensure the smooth functioning of the emergency and trauma care system. In this context, it has implemented the commemoration of the 4th UN Global Road Safety week in May 2017.

The Centre has been constantly conducting various targeted training programs on road safety, handling basic emergency conditions for school & college students, teachers and to multiple cadres of paramilitary force in India.

Another component of Centre’s work is to create awareness about cost-effective technologies that strengthen emergency and trauma care in primary care setting. This includes workshops and consultations on appropriate technology e.g., point of care ultrasonography etc. The centre is organising regular workshops on these and similar areas including trainings at Khon Kaen Hospital, Thailand, USA, UK, Tanzania, Canada, Iran and in many middle-east countries.