Preventive Measures

Washing Hands

  • Soap & water hand-washing for 40 seconds- if hands visibly dirty, before & after food preparation, after using toilet, after touching any common thing • Sanitized hands with 60-70% alcohol based – if hands are visibly not dirty Social Distancing
  • 6 feet distance from every one and everyone

Wear Mask

  • Cloth mask –to all general public • Surgical mask- person with suspect of COVID19 (change every 6 hourly or if damped)

Follow lockdown sincerely. • Step out of the house if necessary. •Avoid & refrain from rumors. • Follow a timetable; include exercise, meditation, family time, hobby time, limited news watching time etc. • Call your quarantine/sick friend or neighbour & ask if they need any help.

How to deal regular helpers

  • Maintain social distance (6 feet). •Ask for their wellbeing •Ensure he is following the rules (wearing mask & washing hands etc). •Avoid touching any outside material unnecessary. •Empty your bin in his cart/bin. •Wash hands

How to clean Vegetables/fruits •Follow-minimum touch technique. •Touch only needed item. •Veggie bag should be clean & washed regularly. •Bring at least 5-7 days vegetables to avoid frequent visit

  • Keep vegetable in clean areaveranda or washing area. •Wash it thoroughly (rubbing) with water (as we wash our hands) with clean washed hands. •May use warm water or food cleaning liquids (its not necessary). •Keep it on clean dry surface and let it dry. •Only dry veggies should be kept in the refrigerator.

Packed Material

  • Dry grocery- may keep at separate place (garage/terrace) for 3 days (ensure safety of the material first). • May clean the packets with 6070% sanitizer tissue/swab. • May wash with soap and water solution- ensure packaging should not be damaged • Clean with water and let it dry (please follow the manufacture instructions if given).

Home delivered food

  • Receive delivery with clean hands. • Prefer online payment. • Clean the box with sanitized swab. • Removing all packing with minimum touch. • Throw all waste in close lid bin. •Wash hand again • Keep food in your own clean utensils and microwave or warm it properly before eating.

How to clean home

  • Avoid entry of outside shoe. • Avoid any outside material inside without proper cleaning (as suggested) • Gas Cylinder- should be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water (avoid water leaking inside the cylinder) solution or kept outside for 72 hours before using

How to clean home

  • Clean your house as you always do. •Clean the frequently touching item such as doorknobs with soap and water solution. • May use any domestic cleaning material.

Water safety

  • Supply water is treated and safe for drinking without any safety precaution. • Packed mineral water can be cleaned outside with soap and water or can be kept for 72 before use.

It is not advisable to going. • Major issue is social distancing. • Dirty/infected hands can reach to face, nose, eyes or mouth (generally we touch our face 23 times/ hour). • Therefore stay at home, do yoga may go to your own terrace if no one access except your family member.

If need to go out • Wear cloth mask • Wash hand before stepping out of the house • Avoid going out if you are suffering with any infection • Follow minimum touch techniques or use one hand for self-one for other work • May carry sanitizer (if going for long hours) • May drop idea of carrying mobile (if going for short time).

If need to go out When comeback •Keep shoe/sleeper outside house • Avoid touching inside of the house until wash your hands and face. • Change clothes or take bath (if needed) • Avoid keeping outside material in the house without cleaning

Pet care-NO report on transmission of COVID19 from pets • Stay away from pets – if you are sick • 2 pets got COVID19 positive from their master

Wash Clothes • No special care. • Wash Clothes with detergent & water. • As you always do.

  • Use when you go outside (mandatory) • Don’t use if you are not well • Wash hands before applying the mask • Don’t touch front part of the mask • Keep two mask and keep in clean plastic bag • Thoroughly wash in soap and warm water and leave it to dry in hot sun for at least 5 hours Or • Put in a pressure cooker and pressure boil it for at least 10 minutes and leave it to dry. Adding salt to the water is recommended. In the absence of a pressure cooker, you may boil the cloth face cover in hot water for 15 minutes or • Wash and clean with soap and apply heat on the face cover for up to five minutes. (You may use an iron).

Always remember to wash hands after using any multi-touch item (eg Money)

Avoid touching anything when you come from outside without hand washing- may ask other’s help

May take bath if you have been outside for long hours-if possible

Keep your daily items separately or may clean with sanitizer or soap & water (if possible) eg keys, spectacles