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    All of these instructions feature a 16-bit immediate, which is sign-extended to a 32-bit value in every instruction (except for the and, or, and xor instructions which zero-extend and the lui instruction in which it does not matter). Branch instructions also effectively multiply the immediate by 4, to get a byte offset.
    (I have labelled the branch control as ne instruction” in the gure.) The branch is taken when both the NotZero signal is ON and the branch control is ON (1). e.g. For an add instruction or any other R-format instruction, the branch signal would be OFF (0). One other detail worth noting. Instructions are word aligned in Memory, namely the two
    The MEM/WB -> EX forwarding only handles instructions which have distance 2 e.g. a load followed by an independent instruction and then an instruction dependent on the load. If there is a dependent instruction following a load, the pipeline must stall for one cycle. The effect is to force the dependent instruction to wait until the forwarded
    1 MIPS Instruction Set Arithmetic Instructions Instruction Example Meaning Comments add add $1,$2,$3 $1=$2+$3 subtract sub $1,$2,$3 $1=$2-$3 add immediate addi $1,$2,100 $1=$2+100 “Immediate” means a constant number add unsigned addu $1,$2,$3 $1=$2+$3 Values are treated as unsigned integers, not two’s complement integers Data paths for MIPSinstructions other R-format instruction, the branch signal would address field of a conditional branch, MIPS doesn’t waste these two Performance Simulator. so the only possible stalls are caused by data dependency and control Non-branch instructions must promote PC by 4 at the decoding MIPS Instructions and Pipelining.
    The question is about branching in instruction pipeline. The question We assume that the following MIPS code is executed on a pipelined processor with a 5-stage pipeline, full forwarding, and a predict-taken branch predictor. Consider the instruction sequence: Label1: LW R2,0(R2) BEQ R2,R0,Label ; Taken once, then not taken OR R2,R2,R3 SW R2,0(R5)

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